The pine forest Mangunan is popular as a hunting location for even pre-wedding photos. Rows of pine that thrives regularly is not less beautiful with forests that are often used as filming locations abroad.

Currently Imogiri Pine Forest is increasingly popular as one location of photo hunting and even pre wedding. A row of pine groves that grow regularly becomes a special attraction for tourists. Besides Kalibiru nature tourism in Kulonprogo, pine forest is one of the recommended natural attractions in Jogja that need to be visited. This forest is located adjacent to Imogiri Fruit Farm and Becici Peak Tourism Area, so do not be surprised if the tourists mention that these two sights are one package that must be visited when to Jogja.

If you’ve ever watched a movie Twilight you certainly have a picture of this sights. The reason, this pine forest has almost the same scene as in one of the Twilight film shooting. The best time to visit this pine forest is in the morning. In addition to feel the cool, when the morning of the natural scenery there is very stunning and beautiful.

The beauty and uniqueness of the pine forest is what makes this Bantul pine forest is a place of hunting interesting photos in Jogja most popular. Not only used for photo hunting, even famous brands and some television stations make this pine forest as a filming location.

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