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Timang beach is located in Purwodadi Village, Tepus Subdistrict, Gunung Kidul, Timang Beach is a beach that has beautiful scenery with white sand and pandanus grown around the beach, but there is one unique thing that is the main attraction of Timang Beach, A gondola in the coastal area

Not just a regular gondola, traditional gondolas in Timang Beach is made of wood that connects the beach with a coral island in the middle of the beach, gondola / gantole is tied with ropes, although it looks dangerous but calm, this gantole is quite safe.

Gondola is actually not a tourist facility provided by the government, in fact the function of the gondola is used by fishermen to search for lobsters on long island watu

The distance between the island and the beach is about 100 meters, if you want to try to ride it, you can pay around Rp.200.000, it is quite expensive, because the gondola is manually driven, not the machine, so we will be drawn by some trained people to get to the other side.

It takes a strong mental if you want to try to cross to the coral islands in Timang Beach, because along the crossing you will slide yourself up a gantole over the deep ocean with big waves.

Actually the area of Timang Beach is divided into two, the eastern part of the form of white sand like other beaches, and on the west side of the cliff where there is a long stone island, well, on the west side we can try to climb the gondola.

Although quite famous in social media such as Facebook and Instagram, in fact not many people know where the actual location of Timang Beach, naturally because the location of Timang beach is quite hidden even though still in the row of other mountain beach of the south.

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