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KALIBIRU is a natural tourist attraction located in the district of Kulon Progo Regency, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. This tourist place has a bumpy and dominant land by the hills within the protected forest area. Nature Tour with Kalibiru Community Forest theme is located in Menoreh Kulon Progo hill Yogyakarta, At an altitude of 450 mdpl. The forest is managed by the people who are in the blood so as to maintain its sustainability, so this forest can be used as natural attractions

Natural tourism

Kalibiru Natural Tourism Development is one of the activities developed by Lingkar Community as a solution to the problems faced by forest management community, especially in Kulon Progo Regency Protection Forest.

That with the increasingly tight stands in the forest area, the community is no longer able to enjoy the intercropping that originally became the mainstay, because the seasonal crops can not live and produce again.

With the existence of Nature Tour is believed to be an alternative activity for the community for forest sustainability is maintained, but on the other hand there is an economic increase income, with the aim of prospering the community around the forest.

On the basis of this pretty good development, then Kalibiru Nature Tour package will become more interesting when all the potential that there is both natural potential and cultural potential / culture of society combined into a harmonious harmonious and worth visiting.

The combination of natural beauty in Kalibiru Nature Tourism with the local culture of the community, both the culture of agriculture, livestock, and the culture of gotong-royong, and supported by several kinds of art as a cultural attraction, is able to form an exciting new destination with the name ” KALIBIRU TOUR VILLAGE “

The most spectacular spot in this place is taking pictures on a tree with a landscape background of the menorah hills with a Sermo lake in the center. Photos like that you can easily find on Google or instagram. To be photographed here, you do not have to worry about not bringing the camera because there is Photo camera has provided photo services with good quality. You can also ask for other unique spot recommendations to take pictures in the surrounding area of Kalibiru.

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