Ramayana Ballet Prambanan

Full moon nights from May to October
The most spectacular dance-drama on the island of Java, Indonesia, is held on an open-air stage at the Prambanan Temple near Yogyakarta. The ballet is a contemporary abbreviated version of the Hindu epic, the Ramayana, unfolding over the four nights to tell the story of Prince Rama banished from his country to wander for years in the wilderness. More than 250 dancers and players in gamelans (percussive orchestras) present spectacles of monkey armies, giants on stilts, and clashing battles. The rich carvings—lions and Ramayana scenes—of the Prambanan temple complex in the background are spotlighted by the moon.

Stages of The Story
1. The Lost of Dewi Shinta
2. Hanoman The Messenger
3. The Death of Kumbokarno
4. The Holy Fire of Dewi Shinta

List of Price

Class Price Facility Seat
Open Trimurti
VIP IDR 400.000,- Souvenir,Snack & Drink 64
Special IDR 300.000,- Soft Drink 160 52
Class I IDR 200.000,- 268 137
Class II IDR 125.000,- 508 160

Special for Domestic Students IDR 35.000, – (Minimum of 30 students)
Dinner IDR 77.000,-/pax [Buffet]

Performing every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

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