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Mangunan fruit garden┬áLocated at an altitude of 150 – 200 mdpl, Mangunan fruit garden not only presents a row of fruit trees are arranged nicely. In this place tourists can see the beauty of the Oyo River flowing winding through the hills.

Trips to the orchard with the family would be have fun. Especially if it coincides with the fruit harvest season so that family members can together harvest the fruits that exist. In Yogyakarta, precisely in the area Mangunan, Bantul there is also an interesting recreation place called Kebun Buah Mangunan.

Rows of fruit trees adorn this 23-hectare hill. Arrangement was quite interesting, that is adjusted to the contour of the slope of the hill. Fruit trees in this place include durian, mango, rambutan, guava water, orange, sawo, matoa, guava, cempedak, kelengkeng, mangosteen, and many more.

But for most tourists who visit the Mangunan fruit garden, true not the fruit trees that became the main purpose of their visit, but an interesting spot on the top of the hill Mangunan. At the top of the hill surrounded by this wooden fence, tourists can see the beauty of the Oyo River that snaking through the hill. At a glance see the sights like the Amazon River in Brazil.

If coming in the morning, Oyo River Canyon is usually covered in a white mist. The expanse of green forest with a white fog that wriggles to the surface of the river is certainly an exotic scene. As dusk approaches, visitors can watch the golden sunset is very beautiful.

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