Being a solo woman traveller I booked a tour for the Borobudur Temple to see the Sunrise and cover the other interesting sights in and around Yogyakarta. Tulus is a very helpful and we’ll spoken English guide, that day his driver was not well and he served as an all in one! When he picked me up from Sheraton Mustika it was raining that morning but by the time we drove to Borobudur it was dry and the morning weather was mesmerising. The walk up to the temple top level was a good half hour and I took my time. Watching the sun rise from atop Borobudur Temple was SURREAL! I did some of my chanting and meditations there :). Tulus then took me around the levels to explain the history and also the stories behind the numerous relics. A temple built on an entire Hill and made of stones with numerous Buddha, Stupas & Relics was just mind-boggling and really a Wonder of the World! We then had a light snacks & headed to see the Sultan’s Palace, Water Castle and the Batik Factory. I requested Tulus for the volcano visit and with an additional charge he agreed to take me to Merapi for the off road jeep tour. Our lunch was a cup-noodle one which took me back to my Uni days! The visit was exciting and then we headed last but my no ways the least to Prambanan Hindu Temples. Seeing the Brahma, Vishnu & Maheshwari temples outside my country and me being a Hindu was of great importance to me, Tulus made that possible and had a good knowledge of its history. I also got to see the Goose, Garuda & Nandita temples along with Surya & Chandran Dev statues. We then headed to the airport. The only thing I missed out on were the Buddhist temples in the Prambanan complex…..guess got to leave these for my next visit when I spend a few days there so I could visit the beaches of the Indian Ocean. We even had a REFRESHING COCONUT WATER courtesy my guide TULUS, thanks you! 🙂 and will recommend you highly to anyone who is reading this and all my friends headed to Indonesia! All the Best and may you soon be an Internationally travelling tour Guide!


Dear Mrs Rashmi Gajra, Thanks for your review about me, hope to see you again someday in yogyakarta for your next vacation with your family. God Bless you !!!!